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The FOK HING Glass


A gin served in a glass bearing its name tastes so much better, even though there’s absolutely no scientific evidence to back that up. None whatsoever. It just does, OK? Carefully etched with the legend ‘It’s A FOK HING Gin & Tonic,' be sure to only pour gin into this glass that’s truly amazing. Anything less is quite frankly a fok hing waste of this good quality glassware. Go ahead and buy one for yourself and three more for yourself, so you don’t have to keep washing up that first one. And, with four glasses why not have your friends round, so you can all enjoy a Fok Hing gin and tonic in a glass that proclaims ‘It’s a FOK HING Gin And Tonic’ on it. Now that really will give you all a taste of the good life

HKD $180

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